December 13-December 2017, the seminar was delivered by Doctor of Political Sciences, Azamat Temirkulov, with the report "Green Development Model of Kyrgyzstan". In his speech, he stressed several recommended projects for the development of the country.  According to the author,  unlike its neighboring countries, Kyrgyzstan is comparatively a small country with limited natural resources, it can only develop using its beautiful nature.

He noted that, our main advantages are clean environment, clean air and clean water. In the 21st century, a country with a beautiful nature is considered a rich country. Kyrgyzstan occupies a very important place in this direction. Nevertheless, we are not properly using our natural resources. Each year forests are decreasing by 4%, and glaciers will decrease by 50% more in 50 years. The only way to deal with the harmful effects is planting trees on our mountains. For example, it is necessary to plant walnut and fruit trees, up to an altitude of 2,000 meters,  above coniferous trees. The author notes that, along with this, the tourism sector will also develop. If the income from tourism is 30% of our country's budget, there will be good economic development. Azamat Temirkulov gave an interesting interview about the construction of resorts and a sanatorium for improving health in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan where there are rhodon and thermal water, about growing organic fresh fruits and vegetables and about the development of the wood processing sector.