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Central Asian Research Center (ORASAM) - Center for Central Asian Studies

Central Asian Research Center (ORASAM) was established in September 2011 under the Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University. The main objectives of ORASAM are to provide and carry organization and coordination on the promotion and implementation of scientific research at the national and international level concerning the political, diplomatic, strategic, economic, social, educational and cultural relations between the Central Asian region and its surrounding countries. Besides, the Central Asian Research Center aims to provide consultancy services to international organizations, public and private institutions in Kyrgyzstan and Turkey in political, social, economic and educational issues in the region, and also aims to encourage publications of researches, books and reports at the international level. The other aims are to organize joint strategic activities among the Central Asian region and the surrounding countries, to conduct scientific studies and promote implementation of projects, and to contribute to the development of academic and student exchange programs. In accordance with these objectives, the Center cooperates with universities, research centers, civil society organizations, government and international institutions in Central Asia and neighboring countries, and organizes congresses, symposiums, seminars, workshops, conferences, forums and other types of academic activities at the international, regional and national levels.

The Central Asian Research Center consists of four expert groups in the fields of Political Science and International Relations, Economics, Sociology and Education, and conducts activities within these areas. Analyzes and reports related to the study areas can be found on the Center's website to assist the researchers.