Airbus brand helicopters which were assembled for the first time in Kazakhstan were exported. The turn-key ceremony for the first part of domestic assembly helicopters was held in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan’s capital on 28.10.19 with the participation of buyers from Tajikistan.

According to information from the news site Ca-news.org, helicopter manufacturer Eurocopter Kazakhstan Engineering LLP company established in partnership with Kazakhstan-France-Germany and the Tajikistan airline company Somon Air officials participated in the turn-key ceremony of domestic assembly helicopters.

The Airbus H125 helicopter model purchased by Somon Air has a capacity of 5 crew members. Somon Air plans to use these helicopters for the first time in tourism and business negotiations.

Suhrob Juraev, vice president of the board of directors of Somon Air said, “This helicopter is a milestone for independent Tajikistan. I am convinced that this helicopter will serve both tourism and airline development. In the future we want to cooperate with Eurocopter Kazakhstan Engineering in the long term. ”

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Eurocopter Kazakhstan Engineering Kuanysh Bishimov said, “We would like to export 5 or 10 helicopters to Tajikistan. We are conducting negotiations with the authorities in Tajikistan. We also have agreements with Kyrgyzstan. The Kyrgyz side is interested in our helicopters with a capacity of 10 crew members. In addition, we are providing after-sales maintenance and repair service of the helicopters. ”

Kazakhstan-based Eurocopter Kazakhstan Engineering is the only company in the CIS and throughout Central Asia to provide production and maintenance of Airbus EC145, H125 and H130 helicopters, as well as providing technical and pilot training in Russian and English.

Kaynak: https://ca-news.org/news:1574591