The Ministry of ecology, geology and natural resources of Kazakhstan plans to develop a marketing strategy to attract large foreign investors to the country's exploration, as well as a roadshow. This was announced on his Twitter page by the head of the Department MagzumMirzagaliyev, Kazinform Agency reports.

According to the Minister, today the total recoverable hydrocarbon resources of Kazakhstan are estimated at 76.4 billion tons of oil equivalent, there are 15 sedimentary basins, the potential of which should be studied.

"One of the strategic tasks in the country's exploration is to attract investment in the industry, the potential of which is significant for new discoveries," Mirzagaliyev wrote on Monday.

"We are discussing with IHS Markit - the leader in independent Analytics and development of effective strategies – the development of a marketing strategy to attract large foreign investors to the country's geological exploration, the organization of a road show in major global locations in order to attract investors and present the country's investment and geological potential," the Minister informed.

According to the head of the Ministry of ecology, attracting investment will allow conducting complex geological exploration with modern technologies.

"This will not only give us a reliable picture of the deep geological structure of the entire territory of the basins to the maximum depth, but also allow us to assess our own potential more detailed, andapproach the discovery of new deposits and new horizons, and create jobs," he said.