"In warm weather, hospitals cope well with their work, people come and receive appropriate treatment. We are glad that the number of patients going to hospitals has started to decrease. Forecasts are being made for a possible second wave of the pandemic.


Turkey provided assistance to Kyrgyzstan in fighting the spread of a new type of coronavirus infection (COVID-19).


On July 14, Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan Kubatbek Boronov reported at a briefing that thirty thousand packages of "Heparin" are expected to be delivered from Uzbekistan soon.


Taking into account the severe epidemiological situation in Kyrgyzstan, associated with a sharp increase in the number of people infected with coronavirus and an acute shortage of medical workers, the Embassy, together with a compatriot Dr.Erkin Ismail, who works in a private clinic in Ankara, formed a group of medical workers to work in hospitals in Kyrgyzstan from 18 Kyrgyzcitizens who are undergoing residency and working in Turkey.


According to the Bishkek’s mayor's office, involving the mayor of the city Aziz Surakmatov, they plan to open night hospitals in each district in the capital. The medical units are being prepared at the sports complex "DSK" in the district number 7 (97 seats), and at the restaurant "Consul".


Kyrgyzstan is discussing with Russia the issue of supplying the antiviral drug "Avifavir" for the treatment of coronavirus, the head of the public health Department of the Ministry of Health AinuraAkmatova said at a briefing.


Turkey intends to provide assistance to Kyrgyzstan in the fight against coronavirus infection. This was reported by the Turkish Embassy in Kyrgyzstan.


On July 6, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Nuran Niyazaliev met with the ambassador of Qatar Abdullah bin Ahmed Al-Sulaiti. This was reported by the press service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic.


The government purchased 500 mobile oxygen concentrators, which were delivered from China on a Сharter flight. This is reported by the government office.


According to the Turkish Embassy in the Kyrgyz Republic, Turkish businessmen that work in Kyrgyzstan purchased 50 oxygen concentrators as humanitarian aid at the Manas airport on July 5. The equipment arrived from Turkey at 16: 00, on July 5.