According to the Bishkek’s mayor's office, involving the mayor of the city Aziz Surakmatov, they plan to open night hospitals in each district in the capital. The medical units are being prepared at the sports complex "DSK" in the district number 7 (97 seats), and at the restaurant "Consul".

"Beds have already been prepared, covers and tripods for IVS are being made, medical staff are being recruited, and safe conditions are being organized for the doctors (protecting outfit, housing, hot meals)," according to the report.

The entrepreneurs provided for free of charge the space.

The municipality also added that the state hospitals continue to work in an enhanced mode. From 8 am to 8 PM, and the citizens receive medical consultations, IVS and injections.

“In 9 working days, 23,000 819 citizens were accepted, 17,000 890 of them received IVS and injections, 5,781 received medical consultations, and 139 people were hospitalized. Unfortunately, 9 people died, " the city authorities stated.

It is noted that the queues at hospitals are already much shorter, citizens have begun to recover.