Chinese “Liaoning Lider” Corporation began construction of a wind farm worth $ 1.8 billion in Gijduvan district of Bukhara region, said Foreign Ministry press service of Uzbekistan.

On September 22, a mast installation ceremony was held to measure the strength of the wind. The total cost of the project is US $ 1.8 billion and the production capacity of the power plant is reported to be 1.5 thousand MW. 6 thousand hectares of land was allocated by the governorship for construction activities. The project consists of 3 stages. In the first phase of the project, the construction of the power plant with a production capacity of 200 MW / hour is planned to be completed. It is planned to attract foreign direct investments worth $ 240 million for the construction.

Chan Yulian, chairman of the board of Liaoning Lider, said that they would try to make large-scale projects in the field of natural energy production in Uzbekistan. For this purpose, the most prominent international expertise and innovative technology would be used.