Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Fatih Donmez said that they carried out aerial geophysical imaging studies last month in the frame of gold exploration in Uzbekistan.

He said, “We have collected the data on in the expeditions on approximately 576 square kilometers of mine fields allocated to us. Hopefully our teams will evaluate and conclude before the land drilling work begins”. After the Central Asian Regional Economic Cooperation Energy Ministers meeting in Uzbekistan, the AA correspondent made assessments. Minister Donmez, Energy Minister of Uzbekistan Alishir Sultanov and Chairman of the Committee on Geological and Mineral Resources Babur Islamov said that they had very useful talks.

According to Donmez, “Central Asia is a region rich in natural resources, but there is also some lack of infrastructure. Turkey is quite experienced in these matters and ready to share”. Last year, the Uzbekistan’s Geological and Mineral Resources Committee and the General Director of Mineral Research and Exploration (MTA) signed an agreement on the exploration of three sites of gold and tungsten.

Donmez said that the studies on the investigation of those sites continued. Uzbekistan opened the mining fields in the country to a foreign institution for the first time. Donmez added: “Likewise an example of Uzbekistan in the case of MTA, Turkey has opened its mine sites to the foreign institution for the first time as well”.

This is an indication of the common culture and cooperation between the two countries. The Turkish side: “We are happy to see that our brother country Uzbekistan located in the very heart of Central Asia, is rapidly developing and helping others to develop as well”.