International Innovation and Investment Forum (InnoWeek-2019) was held on 04.11.19 in Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan.

According to Uzbekistan News Agency’s Uztag.info news site, within the scope of InnoWeek-2019, a memorandum of understanding of $ 108.7 million and investment agreements were reported.

The forum was attended by representatives of diplomatic missions, local and foreign entrepreneurs, employees of research institutes, media representatives, as well as more than 35 foreign and more than 20 local speakers.

The first day of the forum, a memorandum of understanding of $ 96.5 million was signed with investors from China, Turkey, Israel, Poland and India to enhance bilateral co-operation.

On the second day, a total of $ 6.3 million investment agreement was signed with investors from South Korea to develop bilateral cooperation. On the third day, a total of $ 5.9 million agreements were signed between investors and entrepreneurs.

Kaynak: https://uztag.info/ru/news/v-ramkakh-foruma-innoweek-2019-podpisany-soglasheniya-na-bolee-chem-108-mln