The Chinese authorities have opened a new transport corridor. The trains ride to Uzbekistan around the territory of Kazakhstan. The Global Times reports that the first cargo train left Lanzhou (Gansu Province) for Tashkent on June 5.

The route will pass through the territory of Kyrgyzstan. It will be a combined transportation. The train will reach the city Kashgar Xinjiang - Uygur Autonomous Region of China, then the cargo will be delivered by car to the Kyrgyz city of Irkeshtam, then to Osh. From there, the goods will be transported by rail to the final destination – Tashkent.

According to the publication of Chinalogist.ru, the first train from Lanzhou to the capital of Uzbekistan will deliver 230 tons of electrical appliances worth $2.6 million. 525 tons of Uzbek cotton fabric worth about $1 million will be sent back to China.

The length of the new corridor will be 4380 km, and transportation will take 7-10 days. The route from China to Uzbekistan through Kyrgyzstan is almost 300 km shorter than the route through Khorgos (a locality on the border of China and Kazakhstan), which will save up to five days.

In the future, China Railway Express plans to continue developing routes through Central Asia to Europe.