Turkey became the second largest direct investor in the context of the economy in Tajikistan after China. According to Turkish Ambassador Ali Rifat Koksal's statement. Reports Avesta news agency

According to the information given by the Ambassador, the total volume of direct investment in Tajik economy is US $ 200 million. These funds were used to implement projects to create enterprises for the production of Coca-cola soft drinks, paints and varnishes, furniture, passenger bus assemblies and more. According to a Turkish Ambassador, 90 Turkish companies are currently working in Tajikistan. They implement 50 projects in industries. Only the amount of contract work completed was $ 600 million. Alifat Köksal also spoke about the development of tourism and the increase in the number of Tajik tourists in Turkey and tourists from Turkey in Tajikistan. In particular, last year 41 thousand citizens of Tajikistan visited Turkey as tourists, and 6 thousand Turkish citizens visited Tajikistan. In this regard, it was decided to increase the number of aviation frequencies (flights) between the two countries. According to the agreements reached, the number of frequencies will be increased to five flights (now 3/3) on each side per week on a parity basis.