Tajikistan’s main export partners are Turkey, Switzerland, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan are seen in the described data.

According to the website of Ca-news.org, Turkey accounted for 21.5% and Switzerland accounted for 17.8% of overall exports of Tajikistan. The main products exported to these countries are metallurgy products, primary aluminum, cotton fiber and precious metals.

Overall, the volume of exports to Turkey in January-August 2019 is 150.2 million US dollars, 95.7 million US dollars is the total volume of imported goods from Turkey to Tajikistan during this period. The total trade volume with Turkey is about 246 million US dollars.

Russia ranks first in foreign trade with Tajikistan. Based on data of January to August period of this year, the total trade volume of the two countries is 654.6 million USD.

Tajikistan imports 29.6% of its total imports from Russia, 21.7% from Kazakhstan and 17.5% from the People’s Republic of China.

Primary aluminum, cotton, precious metals and dried fruit are the main products exported from Tajikistan to foreign countries. The total export volume of Tajikistan in the January-August period of 2019 is 700.2 million US dollars and the total import volume is over 2.1 billion US dollars.