The Dushanbe Coordination Office of the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) provided humanitarian aid consisting of food and hygiene materials to those in need in Tajikistan.

On the official site Tika.gov.t of the Turkish International Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) under the Turkey's Culture and Tourism Ministry was given broad information about the statement. According to the statement, humanitarian aid packages consisting of food and hygiene materials were distributed to 1,000 needy families in Tajikistan within the scope of combating the coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic. It was stated that the humanitarian aid packages were distributed in cooperation with the State Social Security Agency affiliated with the Ministry of Health and Social Security of Tajikistan.
In the scope of the humanitarian aid project, which was launched to support the families whose economic situation has worsened during the outbreak, 13 different basic food supplies and cleaning supplies such as protective masks, detergents and bleach were prepared.
The aid packages were delivered to 1,000 families in need living in the districts of Rudaki, Hisar, Fayzobad, Varzob and Shahrinav, which were previously determined in cooperation with the Tajikistan’s State Social Security Agency.
In addition, since the 9th of May was celebrated as the Victory Day in Tajikistan, World War II veterans were included in the project and it was announced that TIKA's aid packages were delivered to 26 veterans living in the capital Dushanbe, all of whom are over 90 years old.