The World Bank stated that it is ready to discuss natural gas supply from Turkmenistan to Europe.

According to Centralasia.news, World Bank Chief Oil and Gas Chief Specialist Alexander Huurdeman made statements at the 24th International Turkmenistan Oil-Natural Gas Business Forum and Fair 2019 (OGT-2019) talks, which started in Ashgabat on 22nd of October.

In the OGT-2019 talks, Huurdeman pointed out that Turkmenistan ranks fourth in the world in terms of natural gas reserves and that most of the production is exported to China. Huurdeman also mentioned that Turkmenistan has resumed its natural gas exports to Russia, but this remains at a very low level.

Huurdeman emphasized that the export of Turkmenistan gas to Europe has been examined many times, but no exports have been realized so far. However, following the signing of the convention on the legal status of the Caspian Sea, and after the completion of the South Gas Corridor project in 2020, the supply of Turkmenistan gas to Europe became closer to reality.

In March and May 2019, representatives of the World Bank visited Turkmenistan and discussed the issues of cooperation with Turkmenistan officials in the field of digital economy as well as improving the banking system in order to reach international financial standards.

Kaynak: https://centralasia.news/5404-vsemirnyj-bank-obsudit-postavku-turkmenskogo-gaza-v-evropu.html