In the first six months of 2020, about 2.5 thousand facilities were built on the territory of Turkmenistan with a total cost of more than 37 billion dollars.

The President GurbangulyBerdimuhamedovannounced the statement during an extended meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers. This was reported by on July 13 in the news Agency "Turkmenistan Today".

The investments in the amount of about 371.7 million dollars (1.3 billion manats) were spentto create the most comfortable conditions for citizens. During the first six months, 14 large facilities - housing with a total area of 509 thousand square meterswere commissioned. The convenient houses were also built at a cost of approximately 285.9 million dollars (1 billion manats).

As part of the national program of large-scale construction, kindergartens, schools, industrial, and social facilities were built.

The government pays special attention to the development of a grandiose project — a modern administrative center in the Akhalvelayat. The banks and high-comfort residential buildings are being built there.

Let’s remind the main achievements in the field of National Urban Planning were presented at the 19th international exhibition "White city of Ashgabat" on May 25.