According to the official news agency of Kazakhstan, Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Askar Mamin participated in the opening ceremony of the new mineral oil factory in Almaty by Lukoil, together with Vahid Alekberov, the head of the crude oil processing company Lukoil, who made an official visit to the Almaty region. The factory was built by Lukoil Lubricants Central Asia.

In his speech at the opening ceremony, the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan said: “We see the opening of a crude oil processing factory in our country by Lukoil very relevant. It has invested 9.5 billion US dollars in this sector for Kazakhstan. We used to sell mostly crude oil before; but now we will be able to process crude oil, obtain various petroleum products from it and export these them.”

The company has the capacity to process 100 thousand tons of crude oil and to produce 800 kinds of motor oil; The processed oil will be exported to countries in Central Asia such as China, Afghanistan and Mongolia. It will be sold in Kazakhstan’s local markets as well. The location of the factory is close to the Western Europe-West China transport corridor, which is expected to facilitate the marketing of oil products to the mentioned countries. The construction cost of the plant is 94 million US dollars.