Sooronbay Jeenbekov President of Kyrgyzstan, said that " cooperation in investment between Kyrgyzstan and Turkey is constantly evolving. " In speech at the meeting of Kyrgyzstan-turkey business forum.

In a keynote, President Jeenbekov said, the political partnership between the two states, which is strengthening each year, has reached a high level.

" with Turkey in particular have developed a relationship based on trust. As a result, commercial and economic relations between Kyrgyzstan and Turkey is developing rapidly. In 2018, our country were invested in the total cost of 93 million US dollars by Turkey. From the day we became independent by Turkey to date, the total volume of direct investments in Kyrgyzstan more than US $ 600 million. ”He said.

Pointing out that the economic potential between the countries is not fully exploited, President Jeenbekov said, We have discussed with Mr. Erdoğan about increasing the trade volume between our countries from 400 million dollars to 1 billion dollars.

Underlining that Kyrgyzstan's door is always open to Turkish businessmen, President Jeenbekov reminded that there are hundreds of Turkish businesses operating in Kyrgyzstan.

Referring to the conditions offered to investors in Kyrgyzstan, President Jeenbekov stated that the newly opened enterprises were exempted from inspection for 3 years, shortened the inspections, reduced taxes and so on. He also mentioned the conditions that investors would like.

President Jeenbekov said: We are improving the transport infrastructure in order to use the country's transit potential. We will establish commercial-logistic centers by expanding road and rail connections and market network. There is already a lot of opportunity to develop joint cooperation in the tourism sector. We are ready to increase exports of organic products, including meat, dried fruits, honey, walnuts and beans. We believe these products will take a rightful place in Turkey's market. Within the framework of the services provided by the state to the citizen, we are entering the e-government period. Given the success of Turkey in the information technology field, I think this area will be met with interest among our Turkish friends.

President Jeenbekov invited Turkish entrepreneurs to invest in Kyrgyzstan, he pointed out kyrgyz republic's guarantee of protection of investor assets and private properties.