There is good news in the national automotive industry, the “Kyrgyz UnaaKurulush” plant will start producing electric buses for the first time in the country. The first electric buses are being prepared for the Independence in Day of Kyrgyzstan which is August.

The founder of this plant is an individual entrepreneur Nurbek Osmonov. The head of the “Kyrgyz Unaa Kurulush” plant Omurbek Zholdoshov noted that the idea of building a domestic auto belongs to Nurbek Osmonov. He noted that 4 years researchfor the construction of the plant was conducted in Europe.

According to Omurbek Zholdoshov, "Kyrgyz Unaa Kurulush" is a multi-profile plant. In 2014, we visited many factories in Europe, Japan, and we had plans to establish such plants in Kyrgyzstan. The main goal is to create job places in Kyrgyzstan. At the same time, there are no modern plantsin Kyrgyzstan. We have been planning to open a plant equipped with the latest technologies in the country since 2014.In 2018, we started theconstruction of this plant. It was built in 2 years. It started working in May of this year. Currently, the plant produces hydrotubins, generators, pumps and spare parts of agricultural industry, equipment for light and heavy industry. And our most essential goal is to produce the electric cars and electric buses. Currently, an electric bus is being assembled. The engineers adjusted all aspects and carried out the projects themselves. The first electric bus will be ready in August of this year. We are releasing the first electric bus on August 31 in order to give joy to the people of the country on Independence Day. The construction of the electrical autos is underway," he said.

Up to present, the construction of autos has been carried on and reachedthe second stage.

According to Omurbek Zholdoshov, the plant now employs 300-500 people. At the second stage, another Assembly plant will be built. From 4 to 5 thousand people will work there. A lot of research has also been done on the sale of electric autos. Electric buses are produced under the brand of Kyrgyzstan, not under the Japanese brand. Prices for cars will be the same in both the domestic and foreign markets. Now 70-80 percent of the assembled electric buses will be manufactured at the plant itself. And 30-20 percent of the parts are imported from Japan and Germany. Currently, the cost of an electric bus is not determined. He said that it would be relatively cheaper than the international cost for the same buses.