The period of mass cotton harvest started in Turkmenistan.The harvesting started on 11 September 2019 in Ahal, Balkan, Lebal and Mariy regions of the country.

 Cotton harvesting in the northern region of Dashoguz began on 18 September.

This year, Turkmen farmers were assigned to supply 1.05 million tons of cotton to the cotton collection centers. according to the region's opportunities government wants a total supply of cotton from Ahal region, 207 thousand tons, Balkan region 4 thousand tons, Dashoguz region 230 thousand tons, Lebal region 295 thousand tons, and the Mariy region was given the task of realizing 313 tons of cotton supply. A total of 550 thousand hectares of agricultural land in the country had been sown cotton seeds.

Cotton is the first agricultural product in Turkmenistan's exports and last year Turkmen farmers harvested 1.1 million tons of cotton throughout the country.