The media, which spreads information to people through visual and auditory themes, is one of the the most important tools of politics and diplomacy. Especially, news programs have a very important place in the political mind world of the masses. Therefore, ORASAM Media Working Group carries out activities that keep the pulse of the current situation in the countries of Central Asia and the interactions of the countries with each other, and follows the news on the media. 

The main activity areas of Economy Working Group include observation of the international economic relations and the economic situation in Central Asian countries. Along with the studies on such topics as  macro economic performance, economic integration processes, infrastructure and transportation, energy, multi-disciplinary studies are also being conducted with the purpose of analysis of the economic aspect of the social and political issues, together with the other working groups.

After the Collapse of the USSR the Central Asian governments have entered into rapid social change process. Along with the economic and political development societies are also changing and this change is going on as new states are integrating into the global economy. This change is also bringing many problems with it. Sociology Working Group aims to contribute to the understanding of the societies by conducting researches and projects regarding social changes in Central Asian societies.

Education is the most important tool in development of societies and securing their future. Therefore,  people should get a very good education from pre-school to post-graduate education with the use of modern educational tools and methods. The Central Asian countries have faced big problems in education since their independence. The goal of the Education Working Group is to identify these problems and propose possible solutions.

It has been more than 25 years since the USSR disintegrated and the Central Asian Countries gained their independence. Throughout this period , these states have followed different ways in their political development and have come to different places. It will become more significant to grasp growing importance of the Central Asian countries due to their geopoliticial positions, once internal functions of each country are located in the context of  International Relations. The goal of this working group is to contribute to the understanding of the political structure of the region by making research regarding  political development of Central Asian states, political systems, legislation, executive and judicial functions and pressure groups.