The III Manas Forum International Conference on 'The Rise of Regionalism in Global Politics and the Organization of Turkic States' was organized by the Central Asian Research Center on 01-02 November 2023.

The aim of the conference was to scientifically evaluate regionalization and regionalization movements as well as the Organization of Turkic States, the main issues of the Turkic world and the potential for solutions and cooperation. Academic staff and students from international Universities and our University participated in the conference.

With the scientific studies presented at the conference, a serious contribution was made to the literature on Turkic world studies and international organizations. The history, current situation and the future of the Organization of Turkic States were discussed in depth in all aspects, contributing to the introduction of the Organization to the Turkic world and the whole world.

Our conference, with the scientific topics it discussed and the scientific products it produced, revealed the importance of the projects and visions of the union of Turkic States for our world. The conference ended with a session and a conversation with our students.