15 November 2018

Dr. Altynbek Zholdoshov

On November 15, 2018, Dr. Altynbek Zholdoshov presented his work which called “Development, Institutionalization and Role of Madrasahs in Kyrgyzstan” at the seminar of ORASAM. Then the seminar continued in the form of questions and answers, and important information was obtained.

15 madrasahs in Bishkek / Chuy region were examined by Coldoshov and his team. Interview with total 31 director and teacher, and a semi-structured questionnaire with 352 students were conducted. Zholdoshov stated that the number of madrasa in Kyrgyzstan has increased since the 2000s. As a result of the surveys, it was reported that the children of families with low socioeconomic status and the children of families who have long been interested in religion have been trained in these madrasas.

After 2010, Coldoshov noted that competition between madrasas increased. He also said that madrasas could be classified as "traditionalist" and "modernist", and modernist madrasas had more students. In modern madrasas, there is a regional quota system, namely, a certain number of students were taken from each region. In order to start the madrasa, it was stated that there is a requirement to finish the ninth grade. In addition, he said that according to expression of the administrations of madrasas, these madrasas are financed by local donors.