On March 9, 2017, the program coordinator of the office of the Turkish Cooperation Agency (TIKA) in Kyrgyzstan Evren Rutbil delivered a report on "TIKA activities in Kyrgyzstan" at the student workshop. Mr. Evren noted that TİKA began its cooperation with Kyrgyzstan since 1991, after the state reached its sovereignty and today the agency provides support in various fields.

The respected quest noted that , TIKA is not a commercial organization owned by the Prime Minister of Turkey and, therefore, the financing budget of Turkey, is aimed at helping developing countries. The coordinator talked about the most important projects in Kyrgyzstan: the renovation of the State Historical Museum, the construction of the hospital in Osh, the water channel project in Nookat, the creation of small clinics in the Naryn region, and projects related to the health of women and children. At the same time, he noted that technical assistance is being provided to train government personnel and experts, to provide hardware needs in the social sphere, to provide assistance to women, disabled people, the unemployed and other humanitarian assistance. During the seminar, it was pointed out that the support provided by TIKA is carried out on the basis of requests of state institutions of Kyrgyzstan and proposals of civil society institutions. The program of the seminar was completed with an interactive part consisting of questions and answers.