Organized by ORASAM and Department of International Relations, the first part of the seminar on “Parliamentary Diplomacy, Parliamentary Assembly of Turkic Speaking Countries, techniques on diplomatic writing and speech” was held on 20th of May, 2022.

In the Seminar, Legislation Expert Mehmet Yahya ÇİÇEKLİ, visiting researcher at ORASAM, spoke on the topics of “Parliamentary Diplomacy” and “Parliamentary Assembly of Turkic Speaking Countries”. In this context, discussions were held on the following subjects:

  1. What is parliamentary diplomacy?
  2. Prominent international parliamentary organizations (parliamentary assemblies)
  3. Importance of parliamentary diplomacy
  4. Advantages and disadvantages of parliamentary diplomacy
  5. Today’s parliamentary diplomacy and future
  6. Inter parliamentary relations in Turkic world and Parliamentary Assembly of Turkic Speaking Countries