On the occasion of Victory and Shahid Memorial Day in Çanakkale on March 18, 2024, a heart touching commemorative program was held at the Congress and Culture Center with the assistance of the Central Asian Research Center of Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University (ORASAM), the Fine Arts Faculty and the Student Department.

The program was attended by: Rector of Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University - Professor Alpaslan Ceylan (PhD), Deputy Rector, Candidate of Economic Sciences Baktygul Kalambekova, Vice Rectors Prof. Mehmet Sezai Turk (PhD) and Associate Professor Kamalbek Karymshakov, General Secretary - Scientific Secretary PhD. Prof. Oktay Ozgul, as well as many teachers and students.

In his opening speech, the Rector of Manas University PhD. Prof. Alpaslan Ceylan emphasized that Chanakkale is an epic and said: "Chanakkale is the rising of a nation that stands up and challenges the world. It is our responsibility to preserve the spirit of Chanakkale and carry it into the future." He also stated that we, as Manas University, want our students to see Chanakkale and the martyrdom of Sarıkamış and feel this spirit and experience.

Deputy Rector, Candidate of Economic Sciences Baktygul Kalambekova, said the following in her opening speech: "Today, as we pay tribute to the martyrs and veterans, we appreciate their courage and are grateful for their extraordinary sacrifices. March 18 is a day of rebirth for the brother Turkish nation."

Prof. Dr. Nasuh Uslu, President of the Central Asian Research Center, delivered a speech on the meaning and significance of the victory in Çanakkale. The poem "Victory in Chanakkale", recited in Kyrgyz by Altynbek Ismailov, Lecturer of the Higher School of Foreign Languages, impressed the audience.

The "Chanakkale Epos" choir, prepared in cooperation with the Faculty of Arts, took the stage and presented an unforgettable performance to the audience. This impressive performance, prepared by the students, created an emotional atmosphere among the audience and was appreciated with a great applause.