AKIpess held an international forum on "Transport Corridors in Central Asia: New opportunities for Kyrgyzstan" on February 28.

Ambassador of Azerbaijan to Kyrgyzstan Latif Seyfaddin oglu Gandilov made a speech at the forum. Azerbaijan, as the ambassador noted, prioritizes the development of transport corridors. For this purpose, the Baku—Tbilisi—Kars railway was built in a short time. Azerbaijan has also established ferry connections with the cities of Aktau (Kazakhstan) and Turkmenbashi (Turkmenistan). The largest merchant flotilla in the Caspian Sea, as the ambassador noted, also belongs to Azerbaijan. At the same time, commercial ships of the republic also ply in the Black Sea.

The Ambassador noted that the China—Kyrgyzstan—Uzbekistan railway will open another additional route to Europe for the countries of North Africa and Arab countries. The Ambassador also explained that the formation of new transport corridors does not create competition for existing routes, but complements them. Transit through Baku, as the head of the embassy added, opens two routes — to the countries of Southern and Eastern Europe and the countries of Northern Europe.

The Ambassador noted that meetings were held in a trilateral format last year — representatives of Azerbaijan, Turkey and Kazakhstan met in June, and representatives of Azerbaijan, Turkey and Uzbekistan met in August.