A highlight of the gathering was the bilateral discussions held between Saparov and his counterparts from Türkiye, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Azerbaijan, focusing on key initiatives to facilitate smoother trade relations and address existing challenges.

Emphasizing the urgency of resolving impediments hindering trade development, Saparov advocated for the establishment of a dedicated working group comprising deputy ministers of agriculture. This, he believes, will expedite the resolution of pertinent issues and streamline trade processes within the OTS framework.

In discussions with the Turkish delegation, Saparov explored avenues to enhance the export of Kazakh meat products to Turkey while advocating for the harmonization of veterinary and phytosanitary standards across OTS countries. Proposing innovative solutions to access the Turkish market, both sides committed to further dialogue, with a follow-up meeting scheduled via ZOOM, followed by a delegation visit to Ankara.