It was reported that Tajikistan's trade with CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) countries increased by 26.4% compared to the same period of 2020. The related news was featured on Centralasia.media on December 2.

According to the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, the total trade turnover between Tajikistan and the CIS countries exceeded $2.4 billion, or 47.9% of the country's total trade turnover. Tajikistan's trade turnover increased 2.4% with Turkmenistan, 31.2% with Kazakhstan and 29.9% with Uzbekistan.

According to the Tajikistan Statistical Institute, Tajikistan's main trading partners with the CIS countries are Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

It was noted that in the last ten months of this year, Tajikistan's trade with Russia exceeded 1 billion dollars, with Kazakhstan 936.4 million dollars and with Uzbekistan 354 million dollars. As a result, these countries exported over $433.7 million in goods and imported approximately $2 billion.