Economic expert for Turkmenistan Valentin Trapeznikov in a commentary published on CentralAsia.news website on Tuesday informed about Turkmenistan's foreign trade turnover, which increased by 34.6 percent to nearly $18.3 billion in the first 11 months of 2022.

According to Trapeznikov, over the period, Turkmenistan's exports exceeded $11.66 billion, an increase of 46.5 percent over the previous year. Imports increased by 17.8 percent to more than $6.61 billion.

Valentin Trapeznikov stressed that the top five export destinations of Turkmen products are China, Russia, Afghanistan, Turkey and Uzbekistan. The total export to these countries is nearly $10 billion. The top five importers to Turkmenistan are Turkey, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), China, Russia and India, the total imports from which reaches nearly $4.5 billion, accounting for about 67.5 percent of total imports of Turkmenistan.
The main part of exports for the period was products of the oil-gas complex. Thus, the increase in the value of gas exports compared to the previous year amounted to 64 percent, petroleum products - 13.2 percent, petroleum coke - 17.1 percent, gasoline processed from natural gas - 19.7 percent.Turkmenistan's exports of electricity, mineral fertilizers, sulfur, clothes, shoes, tomatoes, confectionery products, construction materials, raw materials for medicine and food industry also increased significantly.